Finding a restaurant that sells fresh and delicious seafood can be difficult and you may not know where to even start looking. Taking a chance just going to a local restaurant might result in a bad experience and a costly endeavor. Instead, you can use the Internet to your immediate advantage so that you are able to get a great restaurant that you are able to go to and enjoy as a family. Using the Internet is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways Continue reading »

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Anyone planning on taking a trip to Florida with a sports fan better expect to make a lot of stops. There are so many professional teams in this state that it is hard to get from one place to the next without running into one of them. They are from all of the major sports.

There are professional baseball teams, and then there are three professional football teams in the state: The Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. As such, Continue reading »

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Car Insurance Rates in Florida

Currently, people are paying 520.41 more for their car insurance coverage than they are paying in the rest of the country. This means that the average rate for Floridians is 2,104.91. This average rate for the state is high, but after looking into how much people are paying on average in the cities, we find that some people are paying much higher premiums than others.

Cities with the Highest Auto Insurance Rates

In Pembroke Pines, the average auto insurance rates are equal to 2,912 per year. The second highest rates can be found in Hialeah at 2,576 per year. Those paying the third highest rates live in Miami where the average premiums are equal to 2,383 per year.

The Lowest Auto Insurance Rates in Florida

The news is not all bad for Floridians. Some people are paying below the national average of 1,584.50 a year. The following Florida cities have much more reasonable rates for their drivers to pay:

Tallahassee – 1,315
Daytona Beach – 1,178
Naples – 1,578
Pensacola – 1,381
Jacksonville – 1,422

Why Rates Vary So Much

How can there be such a huge discrepancy in auto insurance rates across one state? Some cities are much more congested than others. With more vehicles on the roads, drivers have a much greater chance of causing a collision or being the victim of someone else’s negligent driving than those who are driving on more sparsely populated roads. Insurance companies know this, and they offer higher rates to those in densely populated areas and lower rates to those in more rural areas.

Finding Reasonable Rates

Those who live in cities where they are being charged higher rates have options. Many insurance companies are competing to bring in new business, and they know that Floridians do not have to purchase their insurance coverage from the first insurance company that offers them a free quote. They can seek quotes from several companies to find the best rates, and auto insurance agents are working hard to be the ones that can fit this description.

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The Five Best Museums In Florida

The best thing to do on a rainy day in the state of Florida is to hit up a museum or two. Now you may not associate the Sunshine State with rain but Florida does have a day or so of rain each year. Florida has some of the most amazing museums in the country. Here are 5 great ones to get you started.

The Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium in Miami
This museum was open in 1949. Continue reading »

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The state of Florida has an abundance of attractions for animal lovers. Every major city has a zoo, and there are numerous national parks within the state. Of all these animal attractions, three are essential places to visit for those wishing to see animals.

The Miami Seaquarium is a great place to view aquatic wildlife. The Seaquarium is well know for its killer whale, dolphin, and sea lion performances. The park is also home to manatees, sharks and numerous turtles.Additional information Continue reading »

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What To Know When Visiting Walt Disney World

Approximately 40 million people visit Walt Disney World each year. This popular vacation destination can be a magical experience for children and adults alike. But to make the most of your trip to Walt Disney World, you must plan before you ever leave home.

When visiting Walt Disney World, you should know ahead of time what attractions can be found in each park. By familiarizing yourself with the park maps, you’ll save valuable time finding your way around WDW. Reading attraction descriptions will help get your family excited and determine “must do” attractions. Didn’t catch that?This explains it.This will prevent you from wasting time standing around the park wondering what to do next or visiting attractions you aren’t interested in.

You also must pack wisely when visiting Walt Disney World. The sun in Florida is very hot, so even people who do not burn easily should pack sunscreen. Nothing can ruin your trip quicker than a sunburn that hurts to touch. Bring comfortable walking shoes, as you will be walking and standing longer than most people are used to. Rain is a common occurrence in Florida and bringing ponchos from home will save you a lot of money over buying them at the parks.

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The Five Best Family Friendly Beaches In Florida

Florida is known for warm days and beautiful sandy beaches. Below are some of the most family friendly beaches in Florida.

Beaches of Key Biscayne
Filled with family friendly activities such as paddle boarding and para-sailing, the beaches of Key Biscayne are a great place to spend a sunny day in the waves.

Clearwater Beach
Lined with many picturesque beach front hotels and filled with fluffy white sand, the beaches of Clearwater are pleasant and relaxing. Kids can Continue reading »

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